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We just launched our new business strategy!


Who we are

Our name is Digital Era!

We are a proud Danish company, with an Italian hearth.

How we can help you? We have an experienced Staff behind the stage. We can organize a new strategy and workflow for your business or just boost your sales with well designed promotional material; if necessary we can improve your business with a website, or with an iOS and Android software, and in top of that we can protect your customers with our Data Protection Officer services. Also, in case you do not feel safe enough, check our service number 5!

We have a 360 degree catalog of services, designed to skyrocket sales.

Contact us and tell us what you need.

1) We architect sales boost solutions!

We can check your workflow, and provide you with the best tecnological solutions to boost your sales.

You need a new business strategy or an upgrade to your actual one? We can do it for you. We can design a new logo, design visit cards, flyers, promotional pieces, and we can make video and photo editing or SEO. Contact us now.

2) We build Websites

They are our best creations!

Are you thinking about evolving your activity? Do you want to increase the size of your traffic of customers by setting a web portal on internet? That's an amazing idea.

Blogs, Databases, Landing pages, E-commerce pages, all is included in our catalog! We know HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript and jQuery. We work with the best platforms, as Shopify and Wordpress.

Contact us now!

3) We make iOS and Android Apps

For e-commerce or any idea you may have!

You need an e-commerce app for iOS and Android? We can build both the site and the app, and connect them. Or you have an idea and you are looking for someone to develop it and publish it in the Play Store or App Store? Or you only look for a simple APK for your site? Send us your request, your project details, and we will analize it. At the speed of light you will have news from us!

4) We offer Data Protection Officer services

With the GDPR evolving across the world, we have trained our Staff as DPO and Privacy Officers with the latest Eipass courses from the European Commission. We can develop a Privacy Policy page, a Cookie Policy page, scan your website for cookies then write the list with all the informations about them. We can create GDPR data consent logs for your business, and make your company fully comply with GDPR regulations; compiling all documents, like the Risk Analisy and others. We know how to treat your customers data and what documents are needed to be fully compliant with the GDPR law. We can also be your DPO when your data usage become a large scale data usage. In that way you have not to worry about fines and privacy violations!

5) We test the safety of your environment

Networks, customers data and websites will be more safe!

We have trained our staff in the latest ethical hacking techniques against the latest platforms and web languages. We can perform fake attacks to test a website or a network with most common attacks. After the test, all vulnerabilities will be fixed.


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