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Privacy Policy


When you visit our website digitalera-aps.com, and when more generally you use any of our services and you become our customer, we appreciate that you are trusting us with your personal information.

We take your privacy very seriously. In this privacy notice, we seek to explain to you in the clearest way possible what information we collect, how we use those informations and what rights you have in relation to them. We hope you take some time to read this Privacy Policy carefully, as it is important. If there are any terms in this privacy notice that you do not agree with, please discontinue using our Services immediately.

You need to know that in a business where data are stored, those are the involved parts:

1) The term "user" refers to a person whose personal data is processed by a data controller or a responsible for data processing. This user is You.

2) The term "data controller" means any natural or legal person involved in determining the purposes and methods of processing the personal data of users. Digital Era ApS, owner of the website, is the data controller.

3) The term "responsible for data processing" or "Data processor", means any natural or legal person involved in the processing of user’s personal data on behalf of the data controller. We may need the help of a commissioned company, in the process of delivering you our services, therefore we may confide some of your data to that company. Those data would be deleted from her storage solutions (databases etc...) immediately after their employee have completed the task we hired them for. You will be informed of who is the Data Processor, in case we hire one, about which are his duties, which data we are sharing with him and for how long. You can also deny the consent to share data with them, if you desire to.

4) The Privacy Authority, which doesn't hold any of the users data, just monitor the validity and the evidence of the user consent, in relation to cookies and personal data. The Privacy Authority for Digital Era ApS (the data controller), is a certified lawyer. You can find his contacts on the bottom of this page.

Our Business Model

We concentrate our energy on finding customers via personal contact, and we concentrate on improving businesses to reach their best. We can inspect your work flow, and integrate tecnologic solutions to speed production and boost sales. Tecnologic solutions like organization boards, computerized systems, fliers, publicity production, video editing... We create promotional materials and develope websites, tailor made for your company, and more... We dedicate a lot of attention to our customers, in order to get the best results. Our business model and our income plan does NOT include income coming from data sales. We do not sell your data to anyone!

Which informations we collect?

After reading our business model, you probably understood that we do not crave for personal informations. We use your data only to perform our job with you, and to keep legal documentations of our income.

1) When you write to us using our contact form, we will receive your message in our email inbox, and like every other email inbox, our email inbox stores the messages that arrive. We just reply you back and we do not copy your data in any other place. Writing us with our contact form it's like if you send us an email directly, we get the same data from you, and we use them in the same way. It's just a simpler method for you to write to us. In case you express interest on our services inside your communications, we will store in our customer list (the excel grid we consider our 1st storage solution) your personal/company name, a custom identifier number assigned to you from us, your phone number and/or e-mail address, depending from the case, some data about the tasks you request to us, the Price Quotation identification number and the contract identification number (when those are ready). Those data are strictly necessary in order to contact you back and give you consultancy. Those data will be deleted if you decide to not become our customer.

2) Before starting our company-customer relation, together with our Price Quotations, you will get a contract where we ask you the permission to use and store your data. If you become our customer and you sign the contract, more of your personal and company informations are stored in our customer digital list (1st storage solution). We store: person/company name, the customer identifier number assigned to you, your company/person address, phone number, e-mail address, name of the owner of the company (when it is the case), website address if present, CVR or P.IVA (Italian Tax Number if present), and other data related to the task you ask us to do. In this list we also store the identification number of the Price Quotation you receive with the contract, or a list of them if you are a frequent active customer. We also store the contract number, or a list of them, if you are a frequent active customer, with details about when they were signed, and some infos about the invoices that were sent to you, and if they have been payed. The actual contracts and Price Quotations are saved in digital format inside our central computer, inside a specific folder (2nd storage solution), and in printed copy inside our customer book (3rd storage solution). All those data are not accessible to anyone else than Digital Era personnel (as mentioned above, some data may be forwarded to a potential Data Processor that we hire for support us in the creation of the material you asked us to do, or to support us on a service we are delivering to you; if this happens you will be informed about who would be the Data Processor, about which are his duties, about which data are shared with him and for how long, of course). If a Data Processor (an external company) will be named to help us with some tasks, we will keep the basic informations of the data transfer in a log (that we call 7th Storage Solution). This log contains your personal/company name, your customer identifier number, the name of the Data Processor, expire date of the informations shared with him, informations about tasks assigned to him, and the final confirm that your data has been deleted from his Storage Solutions. When the deal is closed and the contract is signed, the informations about the sale and the earnings for us are stored in our Accounting folder, which is a folder we consider our 4th storage solution. In this folder we store also the corresponding invoice for the sale. The material you ask us to produce, which may be a new business strategy for your company, a promotional piece, a website, an iOS and Android software or another platform software, or any other information or material related to complying with the task you paid us for, are stored in another folder which is our 5th storage solution, and in general shared with our employee on a safe local network or stored inside our developers computer. An important information that we store in our 1st storage solution (the customer list), is if you gave us or not the permission to publish some informations like: personal/company name, a description of the job we will do for you, your website address and a picture/image of the result. Those informations may be published on our official Instagram page.

How do we use your informations?

In relations to the "Previous 2 points:

1) When you write us, in our email account there will be track of your email. We use this informations only to reply you and you will not get any marketing email. You may get a personal follow up email after some time. If you have expressed interest in our services, we will keep in touch, and for doing that we use the limited informations we have stored about you, inside our customer list (for now you are just a potential customer, on our eyes, so the informations about you are very limited, this is done to safeguard your privacy).

2) When you become our customer (this means you have received a Price Quotation and you have signed our contract), as said previously, we will store further informations. At this point we use the informations stored in our 1st storage solution, 2nd storage solution, 3rd storage solution and 5th storage solution, to produce and deliver to you what requested, complying with our duties; like create a business strategy for your company; design a promotional piece; develope a website or a software; provide you GDPR Data Protection Officer services or provide you security services. We use the personal and company data you provide to us for stay in contact with you until the task is completed and up to 1 year later, for warranty purposes (Marketing campaigns, DPO services and Security Services do not have a warranty system). Some of the materials that are usually stored in our 5th storage solution, that you asked us to produce, may contain some of your personal data or company data, and may be temporary stored in esternal hardware, like an USB stick with your video. Our 5th storage solution generally include any computers used by Digital Era employee (or Data processor, if any). Some materials like brochures and promotional material may be in paper format, while we work on it, but none of this stuff will be shared with anyone without your permission. With your permission we may publish your person/company name, a description of the job performed for you, your website link (depending if the website is for a company or for a private), and a picture/image of the result, on our official Instagram page "digitalera_webmaster_denmark", where people can see our job. This could also be a good publicity for your company/business. This is our 6th storage solution, and your consent will be asked when you receive the contract. Our accounting data are needed to comply with the law regarding providing evidences for income. Our accounting folder (4th storage solution) will contain some of your informations under form of invoice, and accounting details as excel grid.

Your personal and company data will not be used for marketing purposes without your permission.

We share your informations?

In relations to the previous 2 points:

1) No.

2) Only with the tax office when they ask us to show evidences of sales (they may want to see who bought our services and keep track of the money), and with a Data Processor (not in all cases; when this is the case you will be informed), strictly following privacy regulations and the above procedure. Our DPO may also control the usage of data, but does not have access to the data stored from our company. Remember that the DPO is a Privacy Authority established by the GDPR regulation 679 of 2016.

For how long we will keep your informations?

In relations to the previous 2 points:

1) We delete emails after we have provided the reply. In the worse case, your email could stay in our inbox with no usage just for few months, until the periodic cleaning of the inbox. This is usual when you send an email to someone, he might not delete it immediately after replying. In case you have expressed interests on our services, and we have saved some of your informations, those will be removed from our customer list (1st storage solution) when you decide to not become our customer.

2) When you become our customer for marketing strategy, promotional material creation, websites design, iOS and Android App development, or for any other services we deliver, we keep your company informations, and personal informations and data, in our 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th storage solution until 1 year after the service has been delivered, in order to provide you warranty and assistance for your purchase. As mentioned before, with your permission, some of your company informations, like your personal/company name, a short description of the job done for you, your web address (if needed and if present) and a picture or image of the result, may be published on our official Instagram page (6th storage solution). If you authorize us to publish informations on our official Instagram page, we will keep a copy of the contract where you give the consent to do so, in our 2nd and 3rd storage solutions (respectively our digital and physical archives for Price Quotations and Contracts) for longer than 1 year after the service has been delivered; at least until you ask to withdraw the consent. If you become our customer for Data Protection tasks or Security Services tasks, we will keep your company data in our 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th storage solution only until you decide to delete them and you close the contract, or when the task is ended and the payment from you is done. In those case there is no 6th storage solution, and your consent to publish your data in our official Instagram page is ignored. Regarding the 7th Storage Solution, when we name a Data Processor for some tasks, the details about the data sharing will remain stored until we deliver to you all the services you asked for, and up to 1 year later in some cases (for warranty purposes), or until you withdraw the consent for holding your data.

When you become our customer for any service, your name, last name, company name, invoice number, services delivered, contract number and consent to publish your person/company name, website address and job informations on our official Instagram page, are stored in our Accounting folder (4th storage solution) inside the invoice related to the sale and inside our accounting excel grid, for undetermined time.

In case of data loss?

In the event that your data is compromised, we will notify you and competent Supervisory Authority(ies) within 72 hours by e-mail with information about the extent of the breach, affected data, any impact on the service and our action plan for measures to secure the data and limit any possible detrimental effect on the data subjects.

What are your rights?

In relations to your data your rights are immense! In some regions (like the European Economic Area), you have certain rights under applicable data protection laws. These may include the right (i) to request access and obtain a copy of your personal information, (ii) to request rectification or erasure; (iii) to restrict the processing of your personal information; and (iv) if applicable, to data portability. In certain circumstances, you may also have the right to object to the processing of your personal information. To make such a request, please use the contact form provided below or contact us via e-mail. We will consider and act upon any request in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

Do we make updates to this Privacy Policy Page?

Yes, please check this page sometimes. But in case of big and important updates we will inform you.

Our DPO is:

Lawyer Giulia Rossiello. Phone number: +39 045 2225179.

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